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Hope For Goldsboro was established in January 2020 by Ja'Shawn O. Faire & Feronte L. Webb. These two individuals, born and raised in Goldsboro, have always had a passion to give back to their community anyway possible. Hope For Goldsboro is just that, a service to our community; it is not a group or business. We strive to be a blessing to those in need during a rough patch in their life. We strive to make a difference, helping to put smiles on people's faces whether its through feeding the homeless or filling up blessing boxes.

Meet The Team


Ja'Shawn O. Faire

Ja'Shawn O. Faire was born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina. He has also co-founded another organization making a difference in Goldsboro called Impact Teens Goldsboro. Ja'Shawn has always had a passion for serving and loving his city.


Feronte L. Webb

Feronte L. Webb was born and raised in Goldsboro North Carolina. He is a student at Wayne Community College pursuing a degree in Gaming Development, as well as Business Administration. Feronte loves the city of Goldsboro and wants to help serve it however he can.

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